Small Arms Systems


SWORD Defense has spent years designing, developing and ensuring that our products meet and exceed the needs of our end users.  At SWORD we realize that everything needs to be 100% effective from your training to the equipment you carry. That’s the philosophy behind SWORD Defense. Our research and development team comes from real-world, Special Operations backgrounds. We know what’s needed when the mission and your life is on the line. Failure is not an option. We know what it means to completely trust and rely on team members. We believe that the weapon systems and gear you rely on needs to meet that same standard.



Semi-Automatic Advanced Sniper System

The MK-18 Semi-Automatic Advanced Sniper Rifle (SA-ASR) was engineered from the beginning to provide the long-range marksman with a lightweight semi-auto platform suitable for extreme distance accuracy, while also providing rapid multi-target engagements and anti-material capability. Chambered in the 300, 338 Norma and 338 Lapua Magnum calibers the SA-ASR reliably and accurately functions both suppressed and unsuppressed. T



Medium range semi-automatic sniper system

MK-17 Mod 1 Medium Range Semi-Auto Sniper System (MRSASS) is a ballistic upgrade of SWORDS 7.62×51 CSASS platform. The MRSASS is chambered in the very capable 6.5 Creedmoor, coupled with a 20″ 1:8 twist barrel assembly the end user will experience, double hit probability at 1000 meters, 33% increase in effective range, 30% increase in energy on target, 40% decrease in wind effect, and a decrease in recoil. 



MID Range gas carbine

The Mid-Range Gas Carbine (MRGC) is based on the SWORD Defense Systems renown Mk-17 rifle. In 2019, Naval Special Warfare Command (NSW) ran a small competition for a 6.5 Creedmoor Mid-Range Gas Gun (MRGG). Taking the specifications of the requirement and lessons learned from the rigorous testing regimen, SWORD Defense Systems has produced an ultra-accurate and reliable semi-automatic platform that is capable of sub-minute accuracy with a variety of 6.5 ammunition. Th


Compact Semi-automatic Sniper System

The MK-17 Compact Semi-Auto Sniper System (CSASS) has been purpose built to serve as the ultimate compact sniper system. SWORD started with an AR-10 design familiar to US and coalition troops. Replacing the direct impingement operating system with our proprietary and robust short stroke piston system gave the rifle reliability and durability, while eliminating fouling and carbon build up. We chose a  16″ Barrel with a 1:8 twist rate to give the rifle the weight and feel of a 5.56 carbine, with the enhanced ballistics of 7.62 NATO. 




compact battle carbine Enhanced

The Compact Battle Carbine-Enhanced (CBC-E) is a derivative of the SWORD Defense Systems Mk-17 platform. The CBC-E was designed at the request of our end-user communities as a multi-purpose solution that provides significant increases in both stopping power and effective range. The CBC-E was designed for close-quarters engagements, urban operations, and low-profile mission sets where the end-user might quickly transition from close proximity contact to taking a shot beyond the effective range of typical duty rifles. The weight and overall length have all been optimized to give the end-user enhanced ballistics and accuracy in a lightweight and agile carbine. The CBC-E is equipped with a specially designed 13″ barrel and an enhanced stock that reduces the overall length of this platform by 6” when compared to its full-size counterpart.


Piston upper receiver group -enhanced

Part # PURG E V1 5.56 12.5 SCB 001, PURG E V1 5.56 14.5 SCB 001

The Piston Upper Receiver Group Enhanced (PURG E) was created in direct response to problems identified by the warfighter, from use of the newly adopted M 855 A 1 ammunition The PURG E was developed from the ground up, a complete upgrade and redesign, capitalizing on direct feedback from end users The PURG E retains the tried and true proprietary, self regulating, short stroke gas piston system This system greatly reduces fouling and gas blow back into the face of the shooter, as well as providing unparalleled
performance and durability under the harshest conditions found The system has been engineered and manufactured to integrate Mil Spec lower receivers
while providing a cleaner, more reliable and durable operating system.



individual duty carbine -enhanced

The Individual Duty Carbine-Enhanced (IDC-E) is based on the SWORD Defense Systems Mk-15 IDC in 5.56×45. The IDC-E comes equipped with the full implementation of upgrades developed during our PURG-E project. The IDC-E boasts SWORD’s proprietary short-stroke gas piston system and is one of the most accurate and softest shooting piston guns found on the market today. With the addition of the M855A1 to the DoD inventory, program officers and weapons maintenance personnel have noted higher rates of malfunction and critical failures of components on existing program-of-record weapons. SWORD Defense Systems has addressed this problem by reinforcing critical components and adjusting the gas system to address the higher pressures generated by the U.S. Military’s new round. 
while providing a cleaner, more reliable and durable operating system.



Special Purpose Carbine Enhanced

The Special Purpose Carbine-Enhanced (SPC-E) is based on the SWORD Defense Systems IDC-E. The SPC-E is chambered in .300 Blackout and boasts SWORD’s proprietary short-stroke gas piston system with all of the PURG-E upgrades, resulting in an unbelievably soft-shooting and reliable platform.  SWORD Defense Systems is proud to offer the SPC-E model, which is perfectly suited for special response missions and law enforcement applications in confined spaces where enhanced stopping power is required.