MK-17 MRSASS (Patent Pending Rifle Design)

​The MK-17 Mod 1 Medium Range Semi-Auto Sniper System (MRSASS) is a ballistic upgrade of SWORDS 7.62×51 CSASS platform. The MRSASS is chambered in the very capable 6.5 Creedmoor, coupled with a 20″ 1:8 twist barrel assembly the end user will experience, double hit probability at 1000 meters, 33% increase in effective range, 30% increase in energy on target, 40% decrease in wind effect, and a decrease in recoil. SWORD increased the length of our operating system to delay unlocking and increase accuracy. The Mk-17 MRSASS employs the same ergonomic control features that make the MK-17 CSASS such a formidable weapons system. Like the MK-17 CSASS the MRSASS is also available as a stand alone rifle or a complete weapon system with suppressor, bi-pod, sling and optic options. The MRSASS provides the end user with a light weight, accurate, reliable answer for a medium range sniper system requirement.


Weight: 8.89 lbs W/O Magazine

Length: 39″ through to 43” Length maximum stock extended

Height: 7 ¾″ Rear sight to bottom of pistol grip

Barrel Length: 16”, 1:8 Twist, QPQ Nitride coating


Caliber: 6.5 Creedmoor

Operating system: Short Stroke Piston & Push Rod System

Bolt system: Rotating Bolt

Feed Mechanism: Magazine 10, 20, 25 Round

Mode of Fire: Semi-automatic


Trigger: Available with single or two stage trigger

Forend:  Fixed 12 O’clock rail, with 2” M-Lok Picatinny at 3/6/9 O’clock positions

Muzzle Device:  Flash Hider,  Suppressor QD Flash Hider and muzzle brake options

Suppressor: Mini and Full size options

Bipod System:  Polymer or Aluminum options

Backup Sights45° steel offset options

Day Optic: 3-15 x50, 4-16 x50, 4-28 x56, 5-25 x56

Laser Designator & Ranging Device:  Visible, Infrared, or dual beam options available

Sling attachment: Multiple QD sling attachment points

*contact for full list of available options/variants

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