MK19 grenade launcher

40x53mm high velocity

The MK19 is a reliable and versatile grenade machine gun that is effective against a wide range of targets, including lightly armored vehicles, dismounted infantry, and enemy fortifications. The MK19 is also effective in suppressing enemy fire and creating an area denial effect. It is portable and can be deployed on a variety of platforms, making it an indispensable weapon for warfighters. The MK19 features a reliable blowback system, air-cooling, and automatic fire capabilities. It has a belt-fed design and can achieve a cyclic rate of fire between 325 and 375 rounds per minute. The MK19 can fire a variety of rounds, including the M430A1 High Explosive Dual Purpose (HEDP) 40mm grenades.

The MK19 is a portable and versatile weapon that can be deployed on a variety of platforms. It is often mounted on vehicles, but it can also be used as a ground-based weapon. The MK19 is an indispensable weapon for warfighters, and it is used by militaries around the world.



40×53 mm

WEIGHT: 77.6 Lbs.   | 35 kg

OVERALL LENGTH: 43.1 Inches (1,090 mm)

HEIGHT: 7.8 Inches (199 mm)

BARREL LENGTH: 16.25 Inches (413 mm)


COATING  STANDARD: Matte black non reflective coating per mil spec 

EFFECTIVE FIRING RANGE: 1,500 m (1,600 yards) Point Target

MAX RANGE: 2,212 m (2,419 yards) Area Target

rate of  Fire 325-375 (cyclic)  40 rpm (Sustained)  60 rpm (Rapid)

MUZZLE VELOCITY: 241 Meters Per Second (790 Feet Per Second)

  • Removable barrel
  • No headspace/ timing adjustments required
  • Sustained automatic firing
  • Dual spade grips
  • Open-bolt firing
  • Vehicle or ground mounted
  • Chrome bore barrel
  • Belt pull – 28 round without reduction to rate of fire

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