MK-15 MOD1 Special Response Carbine

Special Response Carbine


The Mk-15 Special Response Carbine (SRC) was designed for the highly dynamic mission set of US SWAT and Special Response Teams. Light weight, compact and ergonomic the SRC allows for maximum mobility utilizing a 7.5” barrel and a Law Tactical folding stock. The SRC 300 Blackout round gives optimized performance and knock down power at close range. The SRC is suppressed for signature and sound reduction; maintaining a small footprint ideal CQB and vehicle operations.


Weight: 6.50 LBS

Length Minimum: 24.5″

Length Maximum: 27.5″

Length Stock Folded: 16.5″

Height: 7 ¾″ Rear sight to bottom of pistol grip

Barrel Length: 7.5″ IN, 1:7 Twist, QPQ Nitride coating


Caliber: 300 Blackout

Operating system: Short Stroke Piston & Push Rod System

Bolt system: Rotating Bolt Carrier compatible with select fire trigger groups, Shot peened and MPI Tested bolt.

Feed Mechanism: Magazine 30 Round

Mode of Fire: Safe, Semi- Automatic, Full-Automatic


Trigger: Single-stage, Two-stage options

Forend:  Fixed 12 O’clock rail, with 2” M-Lok Picatinny at 3/6/9 O’clock positions

Muzzle Device: Flash Hider,  Suppressor QD Flash Hider and muzzle brake options

Suppressor: Mini and Full size options

Backup Sights: Polymer and steel options

Day Optic: Red Dot, Holographic, Fixed Power,1/4, 1-4 x24

Sling attachment: Multiple QD sling attachment points

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