MG556 [m-249]

machine gun 556

-SWORD Internationals MG556 [M-249] is the accumulation of a 3-year project to improve, enhance, and produce a variation of the venerable M-249 SAW in use with U.S. Military since 1986. The MK-249 project was headed by a team of former United States Army Rangers, Navy Seals and Special Missions Unit team members.  Each team member had deployed and trained extensively with the M-249 SAW and variants, and this experience provided valuable input to our world class engineering and manufacturing team to ensure mission success developing a Squad Automatic Weapon we would be proud to put the SWORD International name on.

The MG556 [M-249] was designed to provide a lightweight, reliable, and durable Squad Automatic Weapon System. Effective by design at providing large volumes of suppressive fire for sustained periods, while also being light enough and ergonomic enough to be individual operator carried during CQB and MOUT operations. The MG556 [M-249] is capable of accepting a variety of optics, night aiming devices, and a number of other combat accessories. The MK-249 SAW provides a devastating and lethal weapon system that is essential to any fire-team or small unit.


MG556 [M-249]


5.56X45 NATO

WEIGHT: 17 lbs | 7.5 Kg

OVERALL LENGTH: 34.75″ 882.65mm

HEIGHT: 9.5″ |241.3mm

BARREL LENGTH: 14.5″14.5″|368.3mm

1:7 rh Twist


Cold hammer forged barrel

Hard chrome plated bore

Hard chrome plated chamber

COATING  STANDARD: Matte black non reflective coating per mil spec 
COATING (OPTIONAL):  Coyote brown (fed std 595c)

FEED SYSTEM: M 27 linked disintegrating bolt


EFFECTIVE RANGE: 600m Point Target

EFFECTIVE RANGE: 800m Area Target

MAX RANGE: 3600m

Spare Barrel

Cleaning/Accessories Kit

Operation Manual

All Weather Locking Hard Case

material and heat treating meet o r exceed U.S. G overnment specified requirements

Heat treating and welding specifications are done in accordance with ground combat weld code specifications

Top cover integrated Mil Std 1913 Mounting rail

Formed steel frame utilizing claw extractor design

Fixed, Pivoting ejector plus side ejection of cases

Select fire trigger group

Suppressor System

Optics, night vision, thermal and lasers

Free fall capable jump bag

Adjustable M249 combat sling

Ranger style fore mounted griP

100 or 200 round ammunition feed sack

Collapsing adjustable buttstock assembly

Fore mounted milk std 1913 rail assembly

Optional barrel lengths