free float rail (FFRS)


SWORD Defense (SWORD International Inc.)  lightweight free-floating (FFRS), continuous top rail system was designed to give the end user the most diverse amount of placement options for any accessories they regard as necessary. To reduce all weight, contact and stress from the barrel, the hand guard element was designed to be free-floating. This means that your barrel is not supporting or encountering the rail system other then at the receiver. Under elevated firing rates, when the weapon’s barrel is heating up and undergoing heightened stress, the systems accuracy is not affected by mounted accessories or a shooters manipulation of those accessories.


SWORD Defense (SWORD International Inc.)  offers several variations of our FFRS, depending on end users mission requirements. They are offered in a variety of lengths, from our carbine length of 7.5″ to our 19″ for our MK18 platforms.

S.W.O.R.D. offers our FFRS 2.0 system, which features a flat continuous top rail, with several inches of mounting picatinny on the front and rear of the hand guard. This allows for reduced weight, and a slimmer diameter for gripping.