MK-17 CBCS (Patent Pending Rifle Design)

The MK-17 CBCS weapon system is a derivative of SWORDs MK-17 platform. It was designed to be the ultimate lethality tool for MOUT, CQC, and Low profile mission sets. The weight and overall length have all been optimized to give the end user enhanced ballistics and accuracy in a lightweight, highly agile carbine. The barrel length has been cut to 13” and a CQB enhanced stock that when collapsed cuts the overall length of this platform down by 6”. These modifications have created a lightweight, powerful carbine with phenomenal knock down power that exceeds 300blk and 7.62×39 at close range, while allowing the operator the ability to still push out to 700 meters plus with high hit probability, all with a reduced footprint. The MK-17 utilizes SWORD’s free-floating forend system with MLOK compatible slots at the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions along with a full length picatinny at the 12, the MK-17 CBCS is readily adaptable to meet the demand for flexibility and modularity on the battlefield.


Weight: 7.50 lbs with empty magazine

Length (maximum stock extended): 34″ Muzzle to end of stock

Length (minimum stock extended): 31″ Muzzle to end of stock

Height: 7 ¾″ Rear sight to bottom of pistol grip

Barrel Length: 13”, 1:8 Twist, QPQ Nitride coating


Caliber: 7.62 x 51 Nato, .308 Winchester

Operating system: Short Stroke Piston & Push Rod System

Bolt system: Rotating Bolt

Feed Mechanism: Magazine 10/20 Round

Mode of Fire: Semi-automatic


FTrigger: Available with single or two stage
trigger, select fire trigger group

Forend:  Fixed 12 O’clock rail, with 2” M-Lok Picatinny at 3/6/9 O’clock positions

Muzzle Device: Flash Hider,  Suppressor QD Flash Hider and muzzle brake options

Suppressor: Mini and Full size options

Bipod System:  Polymer or Aluminum option

Backup Sights: 45° steel offset options

Day Optic: Red Dot, Holographic, Fixed 4 Power, 1-4 x24, 1-6 x24,  1.5/6, 1-8 x24, 3-15 x50, 4-16 x50

Laser Designator & Ranging Device:  Visible, Infrared, or dual beam options available

Sling attachment: Multiple QD sling attachment points

*contact for full list of available options/variants

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