Airborne Asset Tracking & Logging System


SWORD Defense Systems designed the AeroTracker to offer the as an answer to the need for a device that provides accurate “real time” data during the exit, freefall and under canopy phases of parachute operations. The AeroTracker integrates seamlessly into our Airborne Asset Awareness Ecosystem. Each device creates a link with other jumpers, airborne assets and a ground control station (GCS).  The jump data is recorded and stored on an SD Card within each unit. The jumper’s position, speed and direction are also transmitted to the GCS on the drop zone and/or the aircraft. Each Aerotracker device can be used to locate separated jumpers on under canopy and on the ground.

SWORD’s embedded GPS and Inertial Sensors provide position awareness, flight following data specifically designed for parachute operations. The AeroTracker offers redundancy and in turn increased safety, ensuring timely personnel and equipment recovery.

Airborne Asset Tracking and Logging System

This technology has wide ranging applications for training and missions. The devices provide jumpers, drop zone control and the jumpmaster quick understanding of team members location/bearing and an ability to locate downed personnel who may not be able to be able to communicate. Aerotrackers core technology is a mesh network that excels in comms in remote, austere and non-permissive environments.


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