2 stage trigger

S.W.O.R.D. outfits specific models with  2-Stage 2/2 lbs trigger models. This type of trigger mechanism require the shooter to pull the trigger until it hits a “break wall”, which is a stopping point between the first and second stages. The benefit of a two stage trigger is that the shooter knows at exactly what point the trigger will break .

CURVED TRIGGER BOW – For the shooter who wants a traditional feel. The Curved Trigger has an exceptionally smooth feel and ultra-clean break. With excellent lock time and lighting fast positive reset, the Curved Trigger is unsurpassed by any other fire control group. 
FLAT TRIGGER BOW – Ultimate for feel and break. With the Shooters finger coming to rest naturally on the shoe, every pull is the same as the one before it. The Flat Trigger Bow renders a linear feel unsurpassed by any other trigger bow shape.